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onthestreets's Journal

[i'm not writing my goodbyes]
3 May
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03/05/84, 4:30am, aberystwyth, aim, alcohol, all night conversations, aphex twin, arnette sunglasses, asics trainers, back to the future, bacon, banky edwards, banned livejournal interests, beaches, bear ninja cowboy, beavis and butthead, beer, being lame, brand new, chasing amy, chut up christine!, cky, commenting, contradictions, cooking, dance dance revolution, dashboard confessional, dave gorman, diet coke, donnie darko, douglas adams, dr pepper, eighty4.net, email, final fantasy, freeview, friends pages, gigs, girls, guernica, hanging out, hating scenesterfucks, having 123 interests, headphones, hellosio.com, hot emo girls, i ♥ nerdmuffin, icq, irc, irony, jack daniels, kevin smith, livejournal, long phone calls, mail-order shopping, making fun of people, making lists, making my desktop pretty, making sarah spiderman pants, mallrats, marvel comics, midnight, minis, mix cds, mountain bikes, mozilla, mp3s, msn, music, music piracy, my amazing geekiness, my friends, my pimped pc, neighbours, not giving a fuck, online superhero underwear shopping, packages, people watching, phones, pixel art, pool, post-it notes, procrastination, raab himself, really great sex, recieving post, red dwarf, retail therapy, sarcasm, see these shiny things?, shoes, silent bob, silver jewellery, sio's great ass, sleeping, snail mail, sonic the hedgehog, sourfly.org, stan lee, staying up all night, street fighter, studded belts, stupid user icons, subway, super mario, super sio!, takeshi's castle, taking back sunday, teh interweb, text messages, the a-team, the guardian, the infamous loo♥, the italian job, the seaside, thisgirl, video games, winamp, worcester, writer's block, writing, xhtml, you